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Visa policy. Visitors from any country planning to stay in Mongolia for more than 30 days must register with the Mongolia Immigration Agency in Ulaanbaatar within the first seven days of arrival. Visitors who fail to register and who stay longer than 30 days, even for reasons beyond their control, will be stopped at departure, temporarily denied exit, and fined.

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Mongolia existed in a Soviet bubble for most of the 20th century. Now a generation beyond the fall of communism, Mongolia has emerged as a young democracy with a promising economy based on mining, agriculture and tourism. Some revenue is being funneled back into improving tourist facilities, including a new international airport near Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia is located in Asia between Russia to the north and China to the south. Situated on mountains and plateaus, it is one of the world's highest countries with elevation averaging 5, feet (1, meters). Mongolia is miles ( kilometers) from the Yellow Sea. Mongolia’s temperature can fluctuate as much as 35 degrees in one day. Apr 21,  · Mongolia does not have helicopter medical evacuation and those who require medical assistance in remote areas must drive to the nearest major town. Medical evacuation to Ulaanbaatar is conducted by commercial air carriers. Some pharmacies in Ulaanbaatar carry European or U.S. pharmaceuticals, but quantity and variety is limited.

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Jul 02,  · Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia. Phone: + Fax: + AQI. AQI is a number used by government agencies to communicate to the public how polluted the air currently is or how polluted it is forecast to become. Learn More. Work With Us! Jobs at the Embassy. CONTRACT WITH US! Jul 14,  · Mongolia will continue to support the International Think-Tank on Landlocked Developing Countries, established at the initiative of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar, to become an effective excellence center for advancing our common agenda to implement both the Vienna Program of Action and the Agenda fully and effectively. Mr.