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The player who commits these fouls can be removed from the game. Team Foul. A team foul consists of all the fouls committed by the players in a team. All the different fouls are accumulated to count as a team foul. It only includes defensive fouls. For example, players in Team A committed seven total personal fouls, so the Team Foul is 7.

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Aug 29,  · Copper knocked down a pair of free throws to nudge Chicago in front with to go, shortly before she and Courtney Williams received double technical fouls for refusing to let go of a called. The NBA playoffs were the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association's –02 was the final postseason that held a best-of-5 first-round series; the NBA playoffs saw those series expand to a best-of-7 format. The tournament concluded with the Western Conference champion Los Angeles Lakers defeating the Eastern Conference . Jul 22,  · That simply won’t cut it, and frustration kicks in with the big man getting a technical foul and almost a second one. Bryant has 22 points of his own, but the Warriors attack him with 2.